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Regarding Abortions & Domestic Terrorism

So, as some of you may have heard, a bomb damaged a Planned Parenthood clinic in Wisconsin this Sunday.  You know the situation has become dangerous when even Rick Santorum has to condemn these actions.  I’m wondering if many of my fellow conservatives (and my former party, the GOP) are going to actually bite the bullet and start referring to this incident (and many others like it) as what they actually are: acts of domestic terrorism.  I remember when Sarah Palin refused to call those who bombed abortion clinics terrorists.

This is something I encountered quite a bit during my days in the GOP.  I ran into quite a few anti-choice (or pro-life, if you prefer) folk who CATEGORICALLY refused to call those who would bomb an abortion clinic or attack abortion doctors/staffers ‘terrorists’.  While they would offer lukewarm condemnations of the violence, they would *also* try to defend it to some extent by saying these people are ‘trying to protect innocent people from being murdered’.

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Treatment of Mercenaries Captured on the Battlefield

Howdy, all. While I work on a few posts to put up here, I decided I’d post another paper I had to do for class – this one is *much* smaller than the previous paper I posted. Basically, I had to do an issue brief and a presentation on the subject of how the U.S. should treat mercenaries captured on the battlefield – are they POWs? Unprivileged combatants? How should PMCs and PSCs be considered? Anyways, it’s rather short, but I hope some of you may find it interesting.

I made this into a video, once – and interestingly enough, someone called me a nazi and a fascist because of it. Go figure.

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On Leaving the GOP.

Howdy, all! It’s been a few weeks since I last updated this blog.  I’ve had a lot on my plate lately and have taken some time off to try to clear my head.  But on to the point of this post! I’ve grown increasingly disgusted with the behavior and actions of the Republican Party over the past few years.  I’ve *never* been comfortable with the religiosity and social stances of the GOP, but for far too long I was willing to set that aside in the hope that they would deliver on some of the fiscal and foreign policy promises they made.  This was … well, the wrong decision, to put it mildly.

As most of you who follow this probably already know, I decided to leave the Republican Party several days weeks ago and become a Democrat.  Most of the people I told about this decision weren’t exactly shocked, as my beliefs and that of the Republican Party have become increasingly distant as the party has gleefully done everything it can to further divorce itself from reality and sanity. I’ve somewhat discussed the reasons for my leaving the party via a variety of mediums (mostly Facebook and Twitter), but I figured it would be cathartic (and hopefully somewhat interesting) to explain it in detail. So, hopefully everyone will pardon my self-indulgent screed and at least find some entertainment value in all of this.

Let’s get started, shall we?

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